Training must embrace entire construction chain

besnewsAn understanding by all parties to the construction process of the operation of
the entire supply chain is essential if the UK industry is to achieve and maintain genuinely world-class status.

This was one of the key message delivered by Andy Sneyd, president of the Building
& Engineering Services Association, at last week’s B&ES President’s Luncheon.

“For this ambition to have any chance of fulfilment, we must recruit into our businesses
the brightest and best of today’s young talent.

“And we must educate them – not only in the skills and competences required within our own discipline, but also in the overall construction process,” Mr Sneyd told his audience.

The industry must invest in education, training and development programmes that are “truly broadly-based” and “fit-for-purpose”.

“That way, we will build a workforce that will ensure the future success of our own organisations.

“We will also spread the word that the construction industry can offer a stimulating working environment, profound job satisfaction and the opportunity to think and act innovatively and creatively.”

The president pointed out that, in its recently published industrial strategy, Government had acknowledged the central role construction plays in the prosperity of the nation.

“Our industry is a key enabler of our economic recovery – as well as being critical to
the achievement of national and international climate change targets in the years and decades to come.

“In other words, construction is important  – and how it is led, organised and managed
is crucial to every man, woman and child in the country.”

B&ES members had long prided themselves on their competence and professionalism –
but there is a great deal more to the design, construction and commissioning of modern buildings than simply the technological aspects.

“Absolutely key to our ability to address today’s challenges is the existence of a
well-trained, well-managed and well-motivated team, at every level of the workforce,”
the president insisted.

The B&ES President’s Luncheon 2014 was held at the Skyloft, Millbank Tower, London SW1, on Thursday 4 September.