Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement for the business guides everything we do and forms a relevant and compelling ambition for our employees and stakeholders


To be the company of first choice for the safe provision of high quality, cost competitive, Ventilation Ductwork products and services.

Core Values

  • Openness, honesty and integrity in all matters
  • Place safe working at the core of everything we do, promoting safe working practices and ensuring that risk is mitigated and where possible eliminated.
  • Placing customers and stakeholders at the centre of our business strategy, and continually improving relationships to the benefit of all parties
  • Recognition and respect for the needs of the individual, through the provision of adequate and relevant training and guidance and support.
  • Re-define quality on an ongoing basis, investing in people, technology, plant and machinery.
  • Care for our environment by reducing waste material, energy and effort.
  • Learning, Educating, Innovation, Investment and removal of non value added processes