Re-define quality on an ongoing basis, investing in people, technology, plant and machinery.

  • We target zero defects as the standard by which we will be judged
  • We build quality into everything we do, whether it is a CAD model, Ductwork item or a complete system all are improved through the rigorous process we use within the business.
  • Drawings are produced using CADMEP 2014 which can be taken from Revit 2014 models and passed to the latest CNC/ CAD/CAM machinery within our production facility.
  • Documentation and workflow systems follow each item of ductwork which carries with it data such as:
    • Location on the project
    • Date of manufacture
    • Weight
    • Steel gauge and flange details
  • High visibility tracking systems are used to follow each item from the factory to site, thus enabling information such as:
    • Name of the person responsible for manufacture
    • Shipment date
  • Our site teams work with our customers to ensure compliance with clean build protocols, good housekeeping and adherence to programming requirements as well as carrying out
    • Quality checks throughout the construction period
    • Pessure testing of ductwork as appropriate
    • Drop testing of fire dampers
  • We consistently challenge working practices and production methodologies to improve the manufacture, installation and dynamic performance of the systems we provide.
  • We seek out and welcome feedback from customers in order that we can continually improve the products and services we provide.