Production Facility

Poppleton is one of the United Kingdom's leading producers of high quality Ventilation Ductwork Solutions.

We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation, project management and remediation of specialist ventilation ductwork systems to National and International Standards.

Our production facility was opened in May 2004, and provides the company with a site of approximately 3 acres of land, 16,000 sq ft of production and office space  which is paritially powered by the sun using a 20Kwh photovoltaic array.

In addition to providing a home for our qualified and experienced sheet metal workers t
his facility houses the very latest ductwork technologies including:

  • BIM software ( Building Information Modelling)
  • CAD/CAM machinery including Plasma and Twinseam technologies
  • Computerised Spot Welders
  • Computerised Swaging Machines
  • Seam Closers
  • Lockformers and RAS Machines
  • Roll formers

Poppleton standardised on the use of computerised spot welding technology for fixing stiffeners, mating flanges, and air turns.  This eliminates the possibility of any leakage which may occur when using a more traditional riveting or piercing method, and has enabled Poppleton to achieve 100% pass rates on DW 144 ductwork up to Class D rating.