Hospitals & Public Services

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd


 Project  Ysbyty Glan Clwyd
 ProJect Engineer  Darren Pugh
 Site Lead man  Paul Jones


Leighton Hospital


 Project Leighton Hospital Theatres
 ProJect Engineer David Taylor
 Site Lead man James Bamber


Media City


Project Media City Salford
Project Engineer (s) David Taylor & Darren Pugh
Site Leadmen Martin Bamber – James Bamber – Paul Jones


Poppleton successfully and safely manufactured and installed all the specialist ductwork services to the following areas on the Media City Studio project, over a 14 month period

  1. Back of House - conventional DW 144 Ductwork.
  2. Studio Control Rooms - a mix of Conventional DW 144 Ductwork and acoustic ductwork delivered through both internal and external insulation materials.
  3. Studio Ductwork - Modularised Acoustic Ductwork Distribution Systems – Internally and externally lined


Poppleton manufactured and assembled the Acoustic Modules for the Studio Ductwork off-site at our factory. This reduced the site installation time to 12 weeks. By using a modular approach Poppleton were able to hoist each complete unit into position using the site crane which obviated the need for a bespoke scaffolding to be provided. (The units were positioned some 10m from the floor of the studio). This solution allowed the ductwork modules to be installed early in the programme, and reduced the exposure to manual handling injuries on site.


Poppleton site teams completed the project, incident and injury free.