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E Poppleton & Son
Quality Ventilation Solutions
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E Poppleton & Son
Quality Ventilation Solutions
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Welcome to Poppleton, one of the UK’s leading providers of ventilation solutions. Established in 1924, our company has a long and proud heritage leading to an award winning reputation for quality products and services which are delivered safely and exceed the expectations of our valued clients across the country. 


With its experienced team of qualified ventilation engineers, Poppleton strives to lead the industry through its engagement with the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and the continued development of industry standards. We add value through our technical and construction expertise by ensuring that manufacturing and installation designs consider practical application and efficiency in delivery and performance. Our Company is determined to remain at the forefront of the ventilation sector, driving Building Information Modelling (BIM) and associated technologies through engagement with UK centres of academic excellence, ultimately to ensure that the solutions it provides are effective and of the highest standard.    

Poppleton Manufacture


From its modern facility in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, Poppleton has the capability to manufacture ventilation ductwork components and HVAC related products both efficiently and to the highest standards. With a highly experienced workforce not only are we able to produce complex ventilation systems, we have the capacity to deliver to challenging client demands without compromise to quality or safety. Our manufacturing process is both lean and efficient and we continue to innovate by developing the use of technology, adopting the integration of BIM and driving offsite construction techniques.    

Poppleton Installation


Poppleton has a highly skilled and dedicated installation team who work collaboratively with their clients in the construction and testing of ventilation projects across the country. Backed by professional project management and supervision, our people are supported by training in the required industry competencies and robust health and safety practices. We are constantly seeking to improve upon the quality and service that we offer on sites and build efficiencies into our operations. With our own fleet of commercial and logistics delivery vehicles, distance is no object and whilst we pride ourselves upon our ability to deliver solutions proactively, we never compromise safety or quality.

Committed to working with you to exceed your expectations

Backed by Experience

As one of the oldest ventilation firms in the country and with almost 100 years of experience we take great pride in our heritage and constantly aim to raise the bar for our sector.

Quality Assured

The Poppleton name remains synonymous with quality both of our products and our services, providing the golden tread of compliance in everything we do.

Professional Service

Our clients are the key to a reputation that has been formed over many years and driven by a quality focus. We at all times aspire to deliver a professional and unparalleled service.

Proud of our history with a wealth of experience to share

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Industry Leading Solutions

At Poppleton, we are incredibly proud of our heritage and in parallel with our depth of experience we aim to stay at the forefront of the industry through collaboration with our clients and partnership with leading centres of excellence. We are driving innovation and technology to shape our business and  to lead a modern and exciting future for ventilation.

People who care are at the heart of our business

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