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The Poppleton name is synonymous with quality ventilation solutions and underpins a reputation for the provision of products and services delivered proactively, in support of our valued clients. However the history of Poppleton goes back to the early 1900’s and Our Story identifies the journey of this remarkable company. Today, Poppleton’s values remain the same. Supporting a proud heritage, we continue to ensure that safety remains at the forefront in all of our work and we continue to drive standards and performance throughout the HVAC industry. We strive to lead the ventilation sector through our engagement with some of the UK’s foremost trade and academic bodies, promoting training and technology in order to build upon the longstanding success of our business, and we ensure that our clients benefit from the fantastic work of our people. In doing so we will ensure that Our Story continues and that we build upon the heritage of E Poppleton & Son.

Experts in industries where Quality Matters

Specialist Sectors

In undertaking our business we specialise in market sectors where quality ventilation solutions matter. We full appreciate the importance of our service to processes and environments where safety, cleanliness, performance and quality are key differentiators and a critical requirement for our clients. In addition to our experience of highly regulated sectors, we also work with our clients in the construction of general ventilation systems, providing them with assurance that their projects will be delivered collaboratively and with programme and cost certainty. Typical market sectors for our business include:   

Pharmaceutical and Medical Product handling

Research and Development, and Life Science sectors

Healthcare, clinical and treatment facilities

Data Centres and Semi-conductor manufacture

Nuclear Power Generation, Defence, Re-processing and Decommissioning

Process and manufacturing industries when quality and cleanliness matters

General HVAC solutions in partnership and collaboration with our valued clients

Our Team

Nigel Edwards-Hughes, Director

Nigel Edwards-Hughes


“Having been involved with Poppleton for many years, I am proud to see the business succeed and continue to support its clients in delivering some truly incredible projects”.

Tim Hopkinson, Director

Tim Hopkinson


“It’s an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to play a part in the history of this wonderful company and to help deliver success to sustain the long term future for everyone involved”.

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

Manufacturing Manager

Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor

Financial Controller

Working in partnership with our clients to deliver success

Our Values

At Poppleton, we recognise the importance of the work that we do and how vital ventilation and containment systems are to the solutions that we provide. We fully appreciate that we do not just provide ductwork installations but a service which provides healthy environments, clean and safe systems, and a life critical service to the projects and people to whom we deliver.

In support of our heritage and for these reasons our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Re-define quality on an ongoing basis, investing in people, technology, plant and machinery

Ensure openness, honesty and integrity in all matters

Care for our environment by reducing waste and the consumption of vital resources

Place customers and stakeholders at the centre of our business strategy, continually improving relationships to the benefit of all parties

Recognise and respect the needs of our people, through the provision of adequate and relevant training, guidance and support

Continuously improve by learning, educating, innovating, and through the elimination of non-value added processes

Make safe working the highest priority in everything we do, promoting safe working practices and ensuring that risk is mitigated and where possible eliminated

Our Vision

Poppleton Vision

To be the UK’s leading provider of ventilation solutions, delivering customer satisfaction and added value through the provision of quality products and services, installed in a safe, cost effective and timely manner. In doing so we recognise the importance of our people and will strive to protect the reputation and heritage of the Poppleton name

T. Hopkinson 

N. Edwards-Hughes