At Poppleton, we take the quality and performance of our products and services extremely seriously and when engineering our solutions we always consider the impact of our work upon the health, wellbeing and safety of others and the surroundings in which our systems operate. Poppleton solutions make an impact in the following critical areas:

Indoor Air Quality

Clean Environments

Fire Safety


Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Poppleton are committed to an injury free workplace thereby ensuring that our people return home safely at the end of each day with their health unaffected by our work activities. We firmly believe that nothing is more important than the safety of our people and those potentially affected by our work. We continually strive to eliminate risk and to drive an embedded safety culture by supporting responsible behaviours, challenging unsafe activities, and encouraging our employees to STOP if they are unsure. In an environment where change is normal, at Poppleton we firmly believe that Safe Working Really Matters.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

BS EN ISO 45001:2018 Certificate of Registration



Quality is central to Poppleton’s long standing reputation. It underpins our business and its performance and drives the standards for which our products and services are renowned. Our clients and the market sectors in which we undertake our business demand excellence in project execution and reliability in operating performance. The solutions we offer therefore recognise the importance of robust quality systems in order to meet and exceed their expectations, and in addition to recognition through industry awards, we have accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. A quality culture is at the heart of Poppleton, it drives continuous improvement, the delivery of best practice and pride in the work delivered by our people.

Quality Policy Statement

Nuclear Quality and Safety Policy Statement

BS EN ISO9001:2015 Certificate of Registration

The Environment

The Environment

Creating a sustainable future is extremely important to Poppleton. As such, we carefully consider our actions in undertaking our business in order to ensure that we mitigate risk to both the local and global environment. We recognise the importance of sustainable operations, and in addition to implementing renewable sources of energy, we have an ethos of reuse and recycling, reducing waste and likewise reducing our environmental impact. We look to ensure that materials are sourced responsibly and recognise that an effective environmental policy makes sound business sense. In a world where sustainability and climate change is a real concern, Poppleton is determined to ensure that we minimise our impact for the benefit of future generations.

Environmental Policy Statement

BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Certificate of Registration

Awards and Accreditations

Awards and Accreditations​

Safety and quality are at the centre of our vision and underpin the core values of our Company. Poppleton is therefore proud to be associated with recognised bodies who have certified the competence and compliance of our business and of our people. We work hard to be recognised at the highest level for our determination to deliver quality solutions and safe systems of work, in addition to trained and qualified people. As such we hold a stamp of approval from organisations who are respected throughout the industry and can proudly state that we are Approved to deliver solutions which meet, if not exceed, the standards required of our clients.

Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

Since its formation in the early 1920’s Poppleton has consistently contributed to the development of standards and working practices for the ventilation sector and also for the general construction industry. Throughout this time, members of the company have supported and promoted positive change and development by lending experience and providing their investment in time, in parallel with continuous improvement of the Poppleton business. With three Presidents of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), formerly the HVCA, we are proud of our role in the industry which in turn has seen awards for our support of training, safe working practices, quality management and overall business performance.  At Poppleton we aim to continue to lead the sector through example and to drive a better industry for everyone.,