Building Information Modelling BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Working with academic centres of excellent, Poppleton has developed innovative and effective methods of integrating our products into any Revit Model. Our systems drive efficiencies in the preparation of accurate fabrication information, reducing delivery programme in collaboration with our clients.

Engineering Service


Poppleton’s engineering team carries a wealth of experience in the manufacture and construction of ventilation ductwork systems, adding value through early engagement and providing specialist knowledge to support construction and life-time performance.

Integrated Delivery Management

Integrated Delivery Management

Proactive delivery of projects is a key to success and at Poppleton we are keen to play an active part in our clients’ delivery team, from concept to preparation and joint planning, through to professional delivery, we aim to partner, ensuring a sustainable and beneficial relationship for all parties.

Galvanised Ductwork

Galvanised Ductwork

Sheet metal galvanised ductwork to both DW/144 and SMACNA standards has been at the centre of Poppleton’s manufactured range for many years and we take care in ensuring that we provide our clients with products of the highest quality whilst engineered and assembled efficiently and in keeping with our clients’ project requirements.

Stainless Steel Ductwork

Stainless Steel Ductwork

Whist maintaining material control and segregation, we are also able to manufacture our DW/144 ductwork in stainless steel.  Once again to exacting standards, providing our clients with an alternative solution where critical or hazardous environments, longevity or aesthetics are essential to the process in which our ventilation solutions are being applied.


As one of a number of forms of DW/144 circular ductwork offered by Poppleton, all of our spirally wound systems are shipped to our manufacturing facility for pre-assembly prior to delivery and final installation on site. Not only does this strategy drive significant efficiencies on site, it is aligned to our core principles by reducing health and safety risk and elevating the quality of our products.

Modular Distribution

Modular Distribution

Distribution modules combine mechanical, electrical and ventilation services in order to drive overall construction efficiencies on site and at Poppleton we have the experience and capability to engineer, manufacture and install modular assemblies to the highest standard in order to ensure a safer and more effective overall project delivery model.

Product Manufacture / Assembly

In addition to the manufacture of ductwork systems, Poppleton has the ability to manufacture other products associated with ventilation systems and to provide pre-assembly of manufacturer’s products prior to installation. Manufacture and pre-assembly is performed under the control of our quality management systems ensuring that you can be assured of the highest standards.

Poppleton Logistics


Distance is no object with a commercial fleet comprising of two large curtain-side goods delivery vehicles and vans transporting our installation teams and their equipment to project locations throughout the country. Our off-site storage also provides the flexibility to ensure that we can deliver manufactured goods “Just In Time” to meet any project programme.

Site Installation

Site Installation

With a team of fully qualified and experienced site based people prepared to travel throughout the UK, Poppleton is fully equipped to install ventilation systems and associated equipment, no matter how complex or challenging. Trained to the highest standards of safety, quality and competence, we proactively support your delivery.

Testing and Commissioning Support

Before handing our ventilation systems over to clients, our site leads have the experience and qualifications to provide testing and associated documentation to the appropriate standard. In addition to testing of our installations, and safety critical tests such as fire dampers’ operation, we are also able to support our clients in demonstrating the performance of their system.

ventilation hygiene services from poppleton

Ventilation Hygiene

Clean Air Services Ltd is part of the Poppleton Group and through its expertise in both air and grease, ventilation hygiene allows us to add considerable value to any project delivered, providing a turnkey solution to high quality sectors which demand cleanliness and operational fire safety.